The Sustainable Development Matrix is a comprehensive green development strategy proposed by Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) for sustainable business and land development best practices implementation. We have featured this system as an ethosolution idea because the Sustainable Development Matrix provides a structure for a triple-bottom-line (people, planet and profit) decision model that is:

  • Both sustainable and holistic in its approach
  • Simple and applicable to virtually any project, product, or development
  • Designed with a “Pass it Forward” philosophy that is cohesive with our own open source foundation.


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A Modern Family Farmhouse in New York State | Design*Sponge

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Crystal Jewelry


AFGHANISTAN. 1964-1977. Pashtun women and girls wearing traditional clothes/jewelry.

Photographs by Roland and Sabrina Michaud. 

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“I’m working with the NGO to help local communities understand and benefit from living in a Biosphere Reserve. The Biosphere Reserve designation allows the Ethiopian government to protect and raise awareness around the area, which contains some of the last remaining forests in the country and has become seriously threatened as the population grows.”

Peace Corps Volunteer Promotes Forest Conservation and Income Generation in Ethiopian Community

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